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We offer 24HR VIP protection and security Highly trained personnel Fully certified bodyguards  Firearms license – permits  Your safety is our priority

Thank you for viewing our site is a highly professional guard and security service. Our clients include movie stars, politicians, company executives and private people.

My team and I are certified guard and have license and permits to carry firearms.

We can offer 1 personal guard to a large professional team. We all regularly take part in firearms practice and hand-to-hand combat training.

Your privacy is assure; never give out any personal details of our clients

Before you make a decision on a bodyguard service, demand to view their credentials. are trained professional; we will assess the situation, assess any risk and our commitment to you is to keep you and your valuables SAFE at all times.

Please feel free to contact us.

Ken – (Thailand country code) +66 086-791-9559 , +66 085-358-9358



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